Learning camera controls


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Prior to this block of instruction, I had only picked up my camera several times. I never knew about how shutter speed, ISO, and aperture played together to create a picture. After attending a couple of classes, this all still seems very confusing to me and only became more confusing when shooting the assignment given. We were to take 10 pictures showing the techniques given. I should also add that I am the first in my family to have a camera besides the one on my phone. This has not been an easy experience for me, but I will describe the issues I had faced while shooting the photos.

I think the hardest photo to shoot was panned. I did not realize that my shutter speed was too high before correcting it the second time. I had a lot of trouble balancing out my exposure as well. The one photo I really enjoyed taking was the extreme lighting photo. I just found it appealing to the eye and I love the way the sun looks on objects early in the morning. For the picture of my choosing, I tried out painting with light. I found this technique the most fun to learn on my own. I took to YouTube trying to figure it out and it took me a couple of tries, but I had help from a friend and a lighter to try and practice it.

Reflecting back on this project, I would have done several things differently. I think I would have chosen better locations to take my pictures. For example, although my point of view picture is adorable, I think it would have made a better picture if I would have taken a picture from the top of a building or something more architectural in my opinion. I also would have taken many more pictures because after shooting some and going home, I found that I had very few pictures to choose from although it felt like I had taken many, I did not have a large selection.

Overall, this was my first time ever trying to use my camera for any type of project. As I said before, I had never used my camera for a class nor on any other setting besides auto, so this project was very challenging and insightful for me. I know that my pictures are not perfect, but I did try my hardest to do well on it. I think one of the hardest parts of this project was figuring out the numbers. I am the type of person that likes to plug in solid numbers into equations, but for photography, there is never a specific setting because light, subjects, and locations are always changing and it is really up to the photographer to figure out the right numbers at that exact time. Also, it is easy to determine numbers in a classroom, but as soon as I found myself on the street with a camera in my hands, my mind was everywhere. I can honestly say that this project has helped me find a brand-new appreciation for photographers who get the photo they need every time.





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